New items for the New Year:
In case you miss the announcement, we are looking forward to the arrival of Pastor Mark Thacker as our interim Pastor in early February. Pastor Mark has served as interim for two other churches in ND through Interim Pastor Ministries and has now answered the call to come minister to us at Cavalier Baptist.  

In preparation for his arrival, Pastor Mark has requested that we provide him with the names and faces of our church family so that he can begin to pray for us and more easily recognize us by name when he arrives. If you have a current picture of you/your family that you would like to use, please text or email it to If you do not have a current photo, Sara will be standing by after church to take a quick snapshot of anyone who needs it. 

In addition, after months of comments/suggestions/discussion, we have decided now is the time to update the Cavalier Baptist family tree on the wall in the foyer. This display has been a delight to many who visit our church for various services or in the course of other work. However, it has become increasingly outdated.  ALL of the pictures currently on the tree will be removed. Because there are many in those pictures who are near and dear to our hearts but no longer with us, we will be establishing a "church memories" book to remember special people and occasions in our church family. This album will be kept on display in front of the family tree. We would love to have photos/memory pages for this album! If you would like to contribute one in honor of a loved one, please submit those to the church office. New photos for the tree can be emailed to the church or left in the office. Please include the names of all the people in your photo.

We will be scheduling a course for AED and "Hands-only" CPR training.
This training lasts for 25 minutes and is open to anyone from middle school-aged to adult. See the sign-up sheet in the foyer.

Please pick up a baby bottle to help support the Park River Pregnancy Help Center During the Bottles for Life Campaign.