Our turn for delivering Meals On Wheels is approaching. Please look at the calendar in the foyer and sign up for the days you can deliver. Delivery will include Country Estates and will take approximately 1 hour.

If you'd like to send your child to Bible Camp, please fill out the application in the foyer. It will be reviewed by the Missions Committee.

A meal train has been set up for the Nelly Martinez family. Nelly and Thomas have a toddler and welcomed twin boys on April 23rd! Nelly and her family have recently relocated to the area - permanently - and do not have a church family. Let's fill the gap! Please visit the link and sign up to take them a meal. For more information text or call Sarah Stegman at 701.520.2764  https://mealtrain.com/z3l25o

Please submit your family picture for the church family tree.

Please check the updated contact list in the foyer to make sure your name is on it. If not, please fill out a contact info sheet so we can keep you in the loop.